Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Recorded, Boosting Japan's GDP

– Zelda Boosts Japanese GDP: May launch of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and other notable games reportedly uplifted Japan's Q2 GDP, Mainichi Shinbun reports.

– Game Impact on Spending: Q2 private consumption declined 0.5%, but semi-durable goods spending, including games, rose by 2.8%, indicating games' economic influence.

– Cabinet Office Source: Unnamed Japanese Cabinet Office official confirms new game releases significantly contributed to spending surge.

– Diverse Game Releases: High-profile Japanese games like Street Fighter 6, Final Fantasy XVI, and Zelda released during the quarter.

– Strong Sales for Street Fighter and Final Fantasy: Both games reported robust sales, while Tears of the Kingdom set Guinness World Record for fastest-selling Nintendo game.

– Impressive GDP Growth: Japan achieved an unexpected 6% annualized GDP growth in Q2, largely due to export boost, despite weaker domestic consumption and investment figures.

– Zelda's Historic Performance: Tears of the Kingdom's launch marked a milestone as the quickest-selling Nintendo game ever.

– Mixed Economic Factors: While game releases played a role, Japan's Q2 GDP growth was primarily fueled by exports, overshadowing sluggish domestic consumption and investment data.

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