Yellowstone Fans Continue to Back Cole Hauser

While the series' future remains unknown, the Rip Wheeler actor is certainly moving on with his life.

Yellowstone lovers had it made not long ago. When did we have Season 5 and 1923 both at the same time? 

 We seemed to eat steak every night for dinner. We'll have to make do with horse fodder and bunkhouse gruel until the show returns from its lengthy break. 

Meanwhile, we're being served coffee by Paramount, and Luke Grimes is singing about having "No Horse To Ride." These are dark times.

Yellowstone fans, on the other hand, are tenacious. What, no new spinoffs?

Fine! We'll make our own content based on real-life events. Cole Hauser is their most recent obsession. 

Before everything went awry, the Rip Wheeler actor was hoping to get his own series down near the 6666 Ranch. 

Nonetheless, Hauser's fans have not abandoned him simply because he is no longer on their television. 

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