Without ever purchasing a lottery ticket, a lucky person wins $1 million on Powerball.

A lucky lottery winner won $1 million on the Powerball without purchasing a ticket.

The winner, an unidentified man from Ohio, discovered he had won when a notice popped up on his phone.

"I was scrolling through emails just doing a bit of work," he recounted, "when I saw a pop-up to check the app."

 "I saw the word '$1 million' in the message and had to read it several times."

The ticket was purchased through the app Jackpocket, which purchases them on the player's behalf. 

He had chosen the numbers 17, 24, 48, 62, and 68 through the app because they had "personal significance" for him and his wife.

He won $1 million with the lucky digits and narrowly missed the Powerball - 23. When the notification arrived, he couldn't believe it.

After witnessing jackpots of close to $1 billion, the winner and his wife began playing the Powerball. 

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