Which Zelda games are set in the same time period?

The Legend of Zelda timeline can be perplexing, but understanding when each game takes place will help series fans piece together the puzzle.

The Legend of Zelda is a big and popular property that includes 29 games, graphic novels, and even animated shows.

With so many entries in the series, the continuity is confusing and, at best, difficult to follow. 

Because players and fans all around the world were perplexed by the sequence of events in each installment, Nintendo decided to release an official timeline.

Nintendo has altered and republished the official Legend of Zelda timeline several times, leading fans to dispute its veracity. 

Nintendo made it clear with the most recent publication of the timeline, which was included in The Legend of Zelda: 

Breath of the Wild — Creating a Champion, that it was designed to be hard by nature. 

With this knowledge in mind, it's prudent to recognize that fans may never fully comprehend the timeline. 

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