Which is stronger, flash or reverse-flash?

The Flash is the most famous speedster in DC history, but his antagonist, Reverse-Flash, may be even more powerful.

DC Comics popularized the speedy hero and villain. A speedster is exactly what it sounds like: a person who has the ability to move at rapid speeds.

This can sometimes relate to those who can fly very fast, but it usually refers to those who can run very fast. 

In the Golden Age, DC introduced the grandfather of all speedsters: the Flash. 

 Jay Garrick, a college student, obtained the ability to run at superspeed during an experiment with hard water. 

 Garrick would leave a legacy that will last for centuries.Barry Allen became the next Flash and a cultural icon.

Every great hero need a great nemesis, and the Reverse-Flash was the perfect villain for Barry Allen's Flash.

 Eobard Thawne was a future time traveler who despised Barry. Thawne tormented Barry's life using his superspeed abilities.

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