Which color wallet should you retain in order to grow wealthy?

Given the current state of the globe, it would not be incorrect to state that "he who is wealthy and rich is worshipped like a risking Sun."  

However, no matter what one says or quotes, wealth is essential for survival.

Naturally, everyone wishes to be. Your efforts and karmas are unquestionably important, as are the Feng Shui concepts. 

When it comes to wallets, some people focus on the design, while others focus on the price or brand.

Feng Shui considers it a powerful and appealing color. It attracts luck and boosts expenditure and revenue. Gamblers should avoid this wallet. Golden wallets can look weird. However, a golden logo or batch is sufficient.


Yellow, like gold, symbolizes a bright future. It provides happiness and luck. If the majority is yellow, yellow works like golden.


Pink, a female favorite, brings luck. Feng Shui says pink wallets increase women's luck. This lovely color symbolizes riches and growth.


Black is the most strong and popular color for men and women. Solar energy absorption indicates saving money. Feng Shui advises financial crisis victims to change their wallets to black. Instant outcomes. Black symbolizes wealth accumulation, not inflation.


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