What Is Special About Hailey Bieber's Kitchen?

Hailey Bieber is seen by many as a trailblazer. The model is known for influencing her admirers in a variety of ways,

from her emerging beauty company, Rhode Skincare, to her well-liked YouTube series,

Who's in My Bathroom? Although beauty and fashion are certainly at the top of the list, What's in My Kitchen,

her offshoot series, has shown us more and more of her kitchen. Hailey Bieber gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse,

inside her kitchen at the Los Angeles house she and her husband, artist Justin Bieber,

share in the debut episode of her brand-new YouTube series, What's in My Kitchen? According to Hailey,

the show genuinely takes place "in my real kitchen, in my real house; this is not a set."

It is intended to be a spinoff of her previous series, What's in My Bathroom. We naturally seized,

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