What Inspired Enter The Dragon? Mr. John Wick

Enter The Dragon, one of the most fantastic action genre films and Bruce Lee's final picture, will be 50 years old in 2023.

The film first aired in 1973, permanently redefining the action genre, and was, sadly, the last time we saw the icon on the big screen.

 The Chinese American actor died at the age of 32, only a month before the release of his most recent film

Today, Bruce Lee's legacy and Enter The Dragon inspire action films and directors such as Chad Stahelski and the John Wick franchise.

To honor the famous action star and choreographer, Empire gathered tributes from around the world. 

 Chad Stahelski, the director and choreographer behind John Wick, was on the list. 

Stahelski told a moving anecdote of how Bruce Lee influenced him as a child and, later, as an adult. 

More than just a tribute, Stahelski's interview was a love letter to one of the world's most great action heroes.

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