US official Tori Penso assigned Matildas WWC semifinal

A referee's chance to officiate in a World Cup is a big honor in and of itself, let alone a World Cup semifinal.

And there aren't many greater World Cup semifinals than the one between co-hosts Australia and European winners England, 

In a competition pitting two evenly matched sides against each other in front of 75,000 people,

whomever is in the middle will have a difficult job in a match that very well could go to extra time or the dreaded penalty shootout.

The Sporting News investigates who has been assigned the difficult task of refereeing the Matildas and Lionesses semifinal

Tori Penso of the United States has been chosen to officiate the second semifinal against Australia and England.

Penso, who is originally from Florida, has been officiating collegiate games in the domestic National Women's Soccer League since 2013.

She became the eighth woman to referee an MLS match in 2020, and the first woman to do so in 20 years, after serving as an assistant or fourth official in the league.

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