Trump's legal defense begins on January 6th.

Donald Trump's legal team has indicated that his defense will center on the First Amendment and his reliance on counsel in the fight over accusations related to Jan. 6 

 the former president's intentions to remain in power after the 2020 election.

Trump, who pleaded not guilty during his arraignment on Thursday, has called the prosecution a witch hunt and proposed transferring 

 the trial away from the mostly Democratic city of Washington, D.C. On Friday, he requested that the Supreme Court "intercede."

the indictment presents a lengthy case against Trump based on phone recordings, emails, and contemporaneous notes taken by others in the former president's entourage.

Prosecutors describe Trump's multifaceted effort to maintain power through "dishonesty, fraud, and conceit" following an electoral loss.

"They really do a great job of laying out the facts of former President Trump's knowledge of the falsity of the claims that he was making across a spectrum of different audiences

However, none of this makes for an easy case, and Trump's attorneys have repeatedly claimed that the alleged conduct was protected by the First Amendment. 

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