Travis Scott rumoured to perform at Drake's Vancouver concerts

A concert that was originally planned to take place on Monday night (August 28) at Rogers Arena had to be moved to Wednesday because of technical difficulties with the stadium's recently installed video board

 As a result, some fans allegedly spent the night camping out in front of the concert venue in anticipation of the show. 

The Canadian rapper arrived in Toronto on Sunday via a flight to begin his "It's all a Blur" tour at Rogers Arena, where he will play for two nights.

Locals were able to catch a glimpse of the megastar on the Vancouver waterfront prior to the events

 they uploaded videos of their sightings to various social media platforms.

Due to technical difficulties with Rogers Arena's recently built video board, the Monday (August 28) night show had to be moved to Wednesday

Some fans had reportedly slept outside the musical venue the night before. 

The Canadian rapper traveled into Toronto on Sunday to conduct his "It's all a Blur" tour with two nights at Rogers Arena

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