Top 10 Underrated Hulu Anime Series That Deserve More Attention

With hundreds of anime episodes on Hulu, it's easy for underappreciated ones to go lost. 

For several reasons, a show may not get the respect it deserves but still have elements that appeal to fans. 

Some of these shows are nearly twenty years old.

Many anime fail to get the recognition they deserve, even if they have a great story, cast, or animation.

 Hulu may not be the first streaming site viewers think of for anime, but its portfolio is full with classics and obscure series.

 Diehard anime fans may know most of Hulu's anime, while newcomers may have missed several alternatives.

The vibrantly animated K Project has a lovely start, an engaging plot, and a big ensemble of diverse characters to follow through its enigmatic unraveling tale. 

When otherworldly organizations mistakenly accuse high school student Yashiro Isana of murder, his life is thrown into upheaval. 

Gauff wins the Cincinnati Open by defeating Muchova.