Tom Holland Dishes on Zendaya and RDJ.

Tom Holland discusses his experiences working closely with Robert Downey Jr. during the Spider-Man films.

The actor expresses his admiration for his girlfriend Zendaya and shares memorable moments with her on set.

Holland reveals insights into his filming experiences for Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Crowded Room, and other projects.

The Hollywood Reporter interview highlights Holland's close collaborations and relationships within the industry.

Holland reflects on the significance of his interactions with Robert Downey Jr. and the impact it had on his career.

The actor shares his appreciation for Zendaya's talent and their strong bond while working on Spider-Man films.

The interview offers a glimpse into Holland's thoughts on his upcoming projects, including Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Holland's interview showcases his genuine enthusiasm for his work and his relationships with co-stars.

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