Tim Tebow Takes a Stand in Women's Sports Debate

Tim Tebow, former Florida quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, is the latest athlete to weigh in on the present situation of women's sports. 

During an appearance on OutKick's "Don't @ Me with Dan Dakich," Tebow was asked about transgender inclusivity in women's sports.

Riley Gaines and Paula Scanlan have been fighting against this. 

Tebow stated that he supports "fairness" in sports. He did not, however, expressly address the "Save Women's Sports" measure. 

"I had the opportunity at Florida to love watching our teams compete and supporting our girls and their competitiveness,"

Tebow told Dakich. "I just believe in fairness, and I enjoy watching the soccer teams, softball teams, lacrosse teams, 

 So many of those girls work so hard to be able to compete and be their best, 

 I love giving them a fair shot to compete so that they can try to be their best, just like the rest of us."

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