Rick and Morgan reunite for one final battle in a Walking Dead poster that completes the story.

A stunning piece of fan art reunites Rick Grimes and Morgan Jones for one final battle, completing The Walking Dead's arc.

 The Walking Dead fan art depicts Rick and Morgan reunited for one last combat against a horde of walkers, bringing Rick and Morgan's tale full circle.

Morgan's relationship with Rick, as well as his open-ended leave from Fear the Walking Dead, suggest that a comeback in the planned Rick & Michonne spinoff is not out of the question.

 The Rick and Morgan plot from season one is still a notable aspect of the show's history, and seeing the characters reconcile would be a strong way to conclude both of their journeys.

An outstanding piece of The Walking Dead fan art reunites Rick and Morgan for one final fight, bringing the duo's narrative to a close. 

 The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman's comics, debuted on AMC in 2010, introducing audiences to Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes, who rapidly bonds with Lenny James' Morgan.

While the main show has concluded, Rick will return in his own spinoff with Danai Gurira's Michonne.As fans await Rick's return in The Walking Dead.

The Ones Who Live, a new piece of fan art from Bassel Galal on Instagram depicts Rick and Morgan reuniting.

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