The president of the Packers tries to force Aaron Rodgers out of the team.

It's impossible not to adore Mark Murphy. The success of the Green Bay Packers is his number one concern.

Sometimes he talks a lot and needs to shut up.As long as Rodgers was on the team,

 His assessment of him shifted from "complicated fella" to "the Packers will bring him back" in a single sentence. "If things don't turn out the way we'd like them to."

Whether you like Murphy or not, you have to give him credit for always prioritizing what's best for the Packers. T

This year, Green Bay Packers supporters will be watching the New York Jets intently. Rodgers and other ex-Packers will, of course, be closely monitored.

Furthermore, the Jets' success this season will determine the Packers' draft pick in 2024. If Rodgers plays in 65% of the snaps, 

 New York will trade a first-round pick to Green Bay. Any selection lower than that is considered a second-rounder.

Regardless of how high the draft pick goes, the Jets' losing streak will continue.

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