The most-watched documentary on Netflix just hours after its release

This week, Netflix not only updated its global top 10, but it also began promoting new additions to its collection. 

One of the most anticipated documentary programs for boxing enthusiasts was added this morning.

Even though it has not yet entered the global ranking, it is expected to eventually secure one of the top positions, if not dominate the list.

This new docuseries format is similar to that of a reality show.For several months, sports-related titles have been popular. 

 Johnny Football was the most-watched movie in the United States just a few weeks ago. Check out which series is now shining brightly. 

When the first season of At Home with the Furys launched, Netflix customers did not hesitate to press play on the promising title. 

It just took a few hours after it was added to the inventory, but that didn't matter because it rapidly became a fad.

Tyson Fury and his wife Paris Fury star in the series, which is similar to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, with additional family members joining them, including their children,

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