The latest Diablo 4 glitch will not be repaired 'for a few days,' leaving some players stranded.

Fans of Diablo 4 have discovered a new problem that prevents some players from progressing or collecting awards in the latest season. 

Diablo 4 gamers are stuck at Slayer level because, for some reason, the system will not recognise that the Boon in the Tide task has been completed.

As a result, players are forced to try desperately to open the Tortured Gift Helltide chest, with little to no success and no chance of moving in the season. 

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra not only acknowledged that this is a prevalent problem, but also revealed that Blizzard developers are looking into potential remedies.

However, players will have to wait for a patch, which Ybarra says will take "a few days" and is targeting for August 15. 

This isn't the first glitch players have encountered, and it won't be the last, since the RPG has been plagued with issues since its inception, 

such as those playing on PS5 having difficulty logging in. However, these issues are almost unavoidable for a title of this magnitude. 

We watched devs discuss the action RPG's launch, short-term remedies, and, most importantly, how the dev team aims to tackle future problems in a Campfire Chat. 

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