The latest Better Up headshot shows Prince Harry's hair thicker than usual.

Prince Harry's new photograph, which showed thicker hair than usual, made waves.

Better Up, a health startup that designated Harry Chief Impact Officer in 2021, put the new Duke of Sussex image on its website. 

Through "world-class coaching and science," the IT company gives workers "mindsets, skills, and behaviors your workforce needs to be ready for any challenge."

Prince Harry's recent photograph reveals more hair than the Singapore photo. By Web DeskAugust 22, 2023

Harry was photographed playing polo in Singapore a week earlier with much less hair. 

 Social media users noted that Harry is no longer "25 anymore and needs a different haircut that works with his hair loss.

One expert believes Harry used a simple "optical illusion" to make his hair appear bigger.

Fabian Martinez of the London Hair Clinic believes Harry used a simple treatment to make his hair appear fuller.

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