The Indiana Jones video game has received a promising upgrade.

Todd Howard, a Bethesda executive, claimed that his company is about'midway' through developing their Indiana Jones video game.

First Indiana Jones RPG since 2009's Staff of Kings, Bethesda Sofworks, MachineGames, and Lucasfilm Games' game has received a promising upgrade.

In an interview with GQ, Bethesda executive Todd Howard said he's “midway” through executive producing an Indiana Jones video game, a “bucket-list thing.”

“They've got the whole Nazi killing thing down, and they're doing a really great job,” Howard said.

Howard's Indiana Jones game should be well-received since his favorite film is Raiders of the Lost Ark. Again, they're rare.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings debuted in summer 2009 for Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Wii, and PlayStation Portable.

The titular hero must stop the Nazis from stealing the “Staff of Kings”—the same staff Moses used to part the Red Sea.

Hopefully, a new Indiana Jones game will look better than Staff of Kings.

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