The Flash's Box Office Failure Hurts DC Comics, but Michael Keaton Won Coolly.

"The Flash" movie generated significant pre-release hype.

The film faced mixed critical reception and performed poorly at the box office, earning just $268.5 million worldwide against a $300 million budget.

The movie's commercial failure had negative repercussions on sales of DC's Flash comic books and related products.

DC is unlikely to cancel the main Flash comic title, which currently focuses on Wally West instead of Barry Allen.

The prices of classic Flash comic issues have been affected due to the movie's performance.

In contrast, "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" boosted the value of Miles Morales' first comic appearance, "Ultimate Fallout #4," from $50 to $1,600.

"The Flash's" failure had a broader impact on the DC Comics media empire.

Michael Keaton's Batman emerged as a winner in the aftermath of "The Flash's" commercial disappointment.

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