The first trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has been released.

Activision showed out the upcoming Call of Duty today, as anticipated, after officially unveiling it earlier this month.

So now we have the first trailer and some details for Modern Warfare III, which is a different game than Modern Warfare 3 (2011).

The missions complement Call of Duty's narrative plot missions and allow players to choose alternate play tactics, such as stealth or guns blazing.

Since 2005, Call of Duty releases have been a yearly ritual, but Modern Warfare III is a direct sequel.

That indicates the game will follow Infinity Ward's 2022 Modern Warfare II.

This year's release is by Sledgehammer Games.

Activision blogged yesterday, “Our vision to deliver back-to-back Modern Warfare games has been years in the making.”

Players can develop relationships with individuals, explore tales, and create progression and loadouts without interruption.”

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