The Festival Director said Scarlett Johansson was 'Almost in Tears' when 'Under the Skin' was booed in Venice.

Scarlett Johansson felt moved by Under the Skin's 2013 Venice International Film Festival reception.

Barbera claimed 38-year-old Johansson almost sobbed when Under the Skin was booed 10 years ago.

One of the worst screenings I've attended. Only once did a movie's audience boo. Barbera stated Scarlett nearly cried.

In 2014, the actress told The Guardian that the booing was "quite odd."

The festival's artistic director Alberto Barbera spoke to The Guardian about past highlights before this year's festival begins Wednesday.

"It was one of the most disappointing showings I've ever been to. It was

Barbera said that Scarlett seemed on the verge of crying.

what ended up taking place. It's become somewhat of a cult classic."

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