The Fast X director disguised Dwayne Johnson's cameo with Hobbs'.

Director Louis Leterrier concealed Dwayne Johnson's appearance in Fast X's post-credits scene.

This scene set up a spinoff featuring Johnson's character, Luke Hobbs, and the Fast X villain Dante Reyes.

Leterrier spoke to Total Film about the challenge of hiding Johnson's recognizable presence.

Johnson's distinctive physique made it crucial to find a creative solution to avoid immediate recognition.

The director used shadows, masks, lighting, and flares to divert the audience's attention from Johnson's face.

The goal was to keep viewers focused on the filmmaking technique rather than Johnson himself.

This approach maintained the tone of the movie, which ended in a dark place.

Leterrier expressed his excitement and honor at having Dwayne Johnson return to the main Fast & Furious franchise.

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