Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour Is Her Greatest Achievement

Tour is about two hours old when she finally takes a break to address the crowd.

Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour Is Her Greatest"Thank you for coming," she adds, gazing out at the sea of people who flocked t Achievement

to one of the tour's most anticipated destinations on July 29."Some of you have been with me for over two decades."

That is my name. I first heard Beyoncé when I was six years old, shortly after the publication of her debut album,

Dangerously in Love. I recall admiring a fascinating woman in a sparkly top whose wonderful

singing echoed via our stereo while holding the CD from my vehicle seat. Beyoncé is still a mystery

to me twenty years later—perhaps even more so after her most recent album, 2022's Renaissance.

Beyoncé is 41 years old, has three children, and seven albums under her belt, but she can still sing like an angel is trapped in her throat.

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