The Daughter of a DWTS Alum Says Her Father Was 'Underappreciated'

Miley Cyrus discussed her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

The “Dancing With the Stars” alum's daughter became tearful in a recent interview series as she stated that her life in the spotlight was nothing like her father's.

She grew up feeling like a “star,” but she thinks her dad was “underappreciated.”

In a Tik Tok piece titled “Used to Be Young,” Miley, 30, said that when she was born in 1992, her dad was already soaring high on the popularity of his breakout track “Achy Breaky Heart.”

“My dad grew up opposite me,” she remarked. As a child, I lived with a tight family under one roof. My upbringing was financially and emotionally stable, unlike my father's.

The “Party in the USA” singer called “going from having nothing to everything” “a really dangerous place.”

 “Miley is all about peace but she didn’t agree with some things her father has done.” “It has escalated and they are not friends. Billy and Tish discussed what happened at the end of their marriage and thereafter, but they plainly have different perspectives.”

Billy Ray blames celebrity for family strife. In 2011, when his then-wife Tish filed for divorce and subsequently canceled it, he told GQ that “Hannah Montana” caused marital strife

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