The Challenge: USA player felt he eliminated: The clock says differently

Dusty Harris believed he killed a Challenge champion.

when broadcaster TJ Lavin declared Bergmann as the elimination winner with a 37-second advantage.

"I'm pleased of how I battled against Wes - he's the icon in this profession and I felt like I did enough to win," Harris tells EW. "The clock says differently."

Harris discusses his surprise removal, why he left early, his feelings towards Bananas

I had problems untying the first smaller wheel since I was working from the centre, but I felt like I accomplished enough.

Everyone thought I won when Bananas ran down hugging Wes farewell, but I didn't. 

with his record, is what it is. It will teach me. Experience is a major edge in this game.

 the curse of a knot-tying elimination and knocked me out. I'm modest. Losing against

The two-time Women's Champion is eager to return to WWE after a seventeen-year absence to battle Charlotte Flair.