The 3 clubs that changed my wife's golf game

Most recreational golfers struggle with swing speed to maximize distance and ball stop speed on approach shots.

This is especially problematic for low-club head speed golfers and women, who are less likely to be fit.

Whether a club fitting is an option or not, moderate swing speed golfers should consider certain crucial elements.

These are the top clubs that helped my wife gain distance, trajectory, and fun on the course, based on almost a complete season of golf.

When Callaway launched its Paradym Star series, the same physics that apply to cars and airplanes apply to golf clubs:

if you can retain energy while reducing weight, an object will travel faster, and a lighter club means more yardage for players.

My wife found her course driver in a Titleist TSR1, which has a conventional design but a lighter and higher launching profile.

The TRS1 is one of the only lightweight drivers with a completely adjustable hosel to help set the launch and spin window.

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