‘Terminator’ Producer Says James Cameron Cut Scene After Financiers Forced Him to Cast Friends

Gale Anne Hurd said using "financier friends, not actors" in the sequence "ruined it for us."

The Terminator producer Gale Anne Hurd reveals the pivotal moment James Cameron removed from 1984 because funders insisted he add their pals.

The producer-writer posted the sequence on X (previously Twitter) on Wednesday, showing how Cyberdyne Systems, which developed Skynet, received the Terminator computer chip.

They requested we utilize financial buddies instead of actors in this sequence, ruining it.

Hurd noted that the Taft–Hartley Act paid the financier's pals as actors.

“I think he insisted they be in the film because the financiers were promised a return on their investment and had yet to receive one,” she added of Daly, who died in 2008.

“Daly never believed the film would succeed.”

The Terminator went on to be a massive success, making way for five sequels and launching the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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