Taylor Swift Fan Discovered a Clever Way to Get Around Eras Tour Camera Rules

some have tremendous zooms, starting another Apple vs. Samsung smartphone dispute.

Others said Samsung's 100x Space Zoom is far better. “How you're all impressed is baffling

One user stated that Samsung's 100x magnification, typical on all brands except Apple, should be given.

TikTok user johnlicoski bought a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for its zooming feature to take Taylor Swift concert mementos.

Dominic was worried that the low illumination at the concert would limit the RX10 IV's video quality because he knew he would be far away and would need to crop in

He was able to achieve better quality results that could still be shared as a video by shooting at 20 megapixels and 24 frames per second.

He goes on to say that the RX10 IV is a bridge camera that is more easily permitted into concerts

It has Optical SteadyShot stabilization to let photographers and concertgoers take sharp low-light photographs.

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