Surprisingly, the Most Hated Terminator Film Is Still Self-Aware

In Terminator: Genisys, Sarah Connor is a mix of her previous personas – not just a hapless waitress or a mercenary, but both.

Sarah comes from a different timeline, knowing her destiny to give birth to humanity's savior and train him against hostile AI.

Skynet's cyborg assassin targets young Sarah, but a reprogrammed T-800, "Pops," becomes her guardian and mentor.

The bond between Sarah and Pops resembles a father-daughter relationship, despite him being a Terminator.

Pops is aware of his role in playing on nostalgia and questions the meaningfulness of their parting hug.

Terminator: Genisys remixes the T-800's evolving role in the franchise in an interesting way.

Sarah's fierce bear hug reveals her attachment to Pops, despite knowing they must part ways.

The movie touches on our present-day battle with technology and the complexities of human-AI relationships.

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