“Stop Insulting My Size,” Tom Holland Interview

We met down with little widdle baby actor Tom Holland to speak about his forthcoming projects, life as a celebrity

 how he despises it when people comment on how small he is."I do one in the mirror every night before I go to bed for myself." 

I put on my PJs, wash my teeth, and belt out Blues Traveler's 'Run Around.' I don't know any of the words, and I generally fall four or five times, yet you'd be brought to tears if you witnessed it. 

 But I will never reveal a single soul. It's only for me.

"He appears to be rather young!"Most people don't realize it, but Stan Lee was my college roommate long before I was cast as Spider-Man." 

 I was always perplexed as to why an elderly American man was enrolled in a British university and living in the dorms, but we were inseparable.

I only played Peter Parker as a favor to Stan after he helped me cheat on my calculus exam sophomore year.

Now that Iron Man has officially retired, I'd love to see Robert Downey Junior return in full blackface as his Tropic Thunder character."

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