Stats show that the popularity of Diablo 4 is declining.

According to a third-party Twitch data tracker, Diablo 4's Twitch viewing counts have decreased by more than 98% since the premiere of season one.

Though this isn't necessarily a major problem in and of itself, the figures paint a bleak image for what

is intended to be Blizzard's top live-service experience in a rich and famous intellectual property.

While it's way too early to determine whether Path of Exile 2 will outperform Diablo 4, the early showing of Blizzard's flagship title isn't looking encouraging.

 Instead, it appears that a sizable chunk of the Diablo 4 audience has passed their honeymoon period and is already dissatisfied with how the developer is treating its live-service game.

Notably,, a Twitch third-party analytics site, says that Diablo 4 has dropped from nearly a million peak daily

viewers to just over 13,000 peak daily watchers just three weeks after the release of its first big seasonal batch of content. 

Of course, viewership stats can only tell you so much, but it could be an indication that things aren't going so well for Blizzard. 

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