Saudi Arabia Taking Over Tennis? Early Moves Mixed Reception From Players, Experts

Saudi Arabia has secured the rights to host the Next Gen Finals for men's under-21 tennis players until 2027,

the Women's Tennis Association has not ruled out the Gulf state as a potential location for the tour's season-ending competition. U.S.

Open players were quick to point out the country's checkered history of women's and LGBTQ rights abuse.

Several top women's tennis stars said they would be “happy” to play WTA finals in Saudi Arabia ahead of the U.S.

Open in New York City, but others, including Chrissie Evert and John McEnroe, said they'd rather not do so.

Saudi Arabia has invested heavily in golf and soccer in recent years.

A foray into the country would be particularly controversial for women's tennis due to its poor women's rights record.

Saudi Arabia has spent at least $6.3 billion on sports deals since 2021, with critics accusing it of "sportswashing" its human rights abuse history to boost its global standing.

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