Sasha Obama, Camilla Bello, Tom Brady, and others vacationing in Greece

Greece has emerged as one of the year's most popular summer vacation locations.

 All kinds of celebrities have elected to spend part of their summers in the Greek Islands, taking in the breathtaking scenery, beaches, and delectable cuisine, all while immersing themselves in some of the most inspiring and historic destinations on the planet.

Malia and Sasha Obama began their summer vacation in Greece. The two were accompanied by their parents, Barack and Michelle, and were spotted strolling past Athens' Parthenon.

 Malia and Sasha were spotted laughing and dressed elegantly, with Malia wearing a matching purple top and skirt and Sasha wearing jeans and a purple top.

Tom Brady shared plans for his children's summer activities. 

He wasn't lying; Brady has been pictured performing a variety of activities with his children in recent months

including beach outings, trips to Universal Studios, and more. He and his children spent some time in Greece, where he went water skiing and participated in other activities.

Camila Cabello visited Greece and its beaches, as well as the Parthenon, accompanied by friends Patrick Ta and Dimitri Giannetos, both of whom have worked with her as stylists and cosmetics artists.

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