Sam Heughan lobbied for 'Outlander' Season 8 to be the final season.

"I want to finish the story, not only for myself, but also for the fans."

 Outlander fans can exhale a sigh of relief as Sam Heughan successfully pushed for an eighth season, providing a suitable conclusion to the cherished series.

 With only one season remaining, the TV adaptation will end differently than the books, as the authors are unlikely to cram three further books into a single season.

 Fans should brace themselves for a "droughtlander" as they eagerly anticipate the second half of Season 7, with no current release date confirmed after the mid-season finale.

Nothing frightens TV fans more than the premature and inconclusive end of their favorite shows.

This scenario may have been a reality for Outlander viewers if it hadn't been for the intervention of the show's star actor, Sam Heughan.

 Outlander has become much more than simply another job for Heughan, who has played fan favorite Highland warrior Jamie Fraser since the show's beginning in 2014. 

 The Scottish actor has openly stated that the show is personal to him, so when discussions among producers arose about potentially leaving fans in a state of longing by ending the series inconclusively with Season 7

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