'Outlander' Fans Go Crazy Over Sam Heughan's Accidental Thirst Trap Video

– Sam Heughan, known for his role as Jamie Fraser in the TV series Outlander, is recognized for his seductive portrayal of the character.

– He continues to showcase his charm in real life, as seen in a surprise video shared on the official Instagram account of the docuseries "Men in Kilts."

– The season 2 premiere of "Men in Kilts" aired on August 11, featuring Sam Heughan and co-star Graham McTavish on their adventures in New Zealand.

– A video clip posted on August 15 shows Sam and Graham preparing to dive into a body of water from a small yacht.

– The camera focuses on Sam's shirtless physique and his pineapple-patterned Speedo swim trunks.

– The post on Instagram humorously refers to the pineapple swim bottoms as a "new trend alert."

– While the video was intended to showcase a funny conversation between Sam and Graham, fans couldn't help but admire Sam's attractiveness.

– Comments on the Instagram post mentioned how Sam unintentionally created a "thirst trap" and how he knew how to capture attention.

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