On August 4, 2023, 3 Zodiac Signs Regret Telling a Secret

Today, we believe so strongly in the power of our words that we instinctively question,

the trustworthiness of the person we've just delivered this enormous statement of secrecy to.

Because you're smart, you quickly regret giving someone your darkest secret.


Moon conjunct Neptune makes you impetuous and stubborn, and on August 4, 2023,

You've never cared about who knows your secrets. You don't value anything you've done,


so sharing something "intense" and "secretive" doesn't bother you. Until today, August 4, 2023,

You occasionally realize you desire to live freely. You want to spend your life without regrets.


This is admirable and a fantastic idea for others, but today, August 4, 2023, puts you in a bind.

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