Not Your Average Superhero Film: Seven Surprising Comic Book Adaptations

Feeling exhausted by the continual stream of big-budget, blockbuster superhero pictures that have ruled the box office for 15 years? No one is alone.

Despite years of global dominance, superhero films remain popular.

While inventive films like Spider-man: Across the Spider-Verse are widely lauded, there seems to be a growing apathy toward the inevitable live-action superhero sequels.

The good news is that many more comic book and graphic novel films exist, and not all of them include superheroes!

When you want something fresh or a break from the current revised origin story or gritty reboot, check seeing these seven amazing films based from comics/graphic novels.

Most of these prove you don't need a superhero to make a great narrative!

Turn a hot actor (Jim Carrey) green (not for the last time for future Grinch Carrey, then riding a wave of success from In Living Color and Ace Venture:

Pet Detective) and what do you get? The nuttiest actor performance ever.

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