Nintendo Patents Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Loading Sequence

Nintendo filed patents for 32 in-game technology between the months of July and August. 

Except for one, they are all tied to the company's masterwork, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

These patents cover Link's skills such as 'Fuse,' 'Ultrahand,' and 'Recall,' as well as particular abilities such as Riju's remote lightning attack.

As Automaton points out, some of Nintendo's patents may be considered "a little too aggressive" or "too general," 

 The Japanese developer going so far as to register some basic ideas like the game's loading sequences

"a method of game processing capable of enriching game presentation during a waiting period in which at least part of the game processing is interrupted"

Another example is the speed computation when Link is on top of a "dynamic" item or vehicle. Here's an excerpt from the solution's description:

"Physics calculations control the movement of movable dynamic objects placed in virtual space, while user input controls the movement of the player's character." 

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