New leadership. Dropping Black Adam "Always Be One of the Biggest Mysteries"

On a recent edition of Kevin Hart's chat program "Hart to Hart" on Peacock (naturally taped before the strike),

Dwayne Jonson made an appearance and reflected on the ascent and decline of "Black Adam."

His 2022 comic book blockbuster was intended to open a new era of storytelling,

within the DC Universe of Warner Bros. (The movie ended with Henry Cavill's return as Superman,

and the franchise was meant to build up to a showdown between Cavill and Johnson),

but DC Studios was reorganized soon after its release, with new heads James Gunn,

and Peter Safran taking the helm. Johnson stated in December that "Black Adam 2" was now on hold.

When Hart questioned Johnson about how it felt to have the franchise halted, Johnson responded,

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