Netflix unveils array of K-Dramas ready to enthrall audiences in 2023

Netflix will release a series of new Korean dramas later this year, promising an intriguing lineup for K-drama fans.

Netflix is promising a big year for K-dramas in 2023, with romance, humor, dystopia, and fascinating mysteries.

View the highly anticipated K-dramas that are yet to come.

Netflix will continue to provide previews and exciting details about 2023 K-dramas.

So buckle yourself for an emotional, adventurous, and thrilling rollercoaster journey.

Lee Min Ki, Suho, Park Hyuk Kwon, Joo Min Kyung "Behind Your Touch" follows psychometrically gifted veterinarian Ye Bun

And motivated detective Jang Kyul as they solve small crimes in a rural farm village.

Yoon, Jo Bo Ah, Ha Joon, Yura, Hyun Bong Shik The drama follows a lady who unlocks a centuries-old book and a guy cursed by it.

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