Nearly Decade-Old GTA 5 Topped European Sales Charts Again Last Month, Beat Zelda, FIFA, and Diablo 4

GTA 5, Rockstar's almost-decade-old game, topped European sales rankings again last month.

GTA 5 is about 10 years old and has sold over 175 million copies worldwide across all platforms, thus most players possess it. 

European players still bought Rockstar's masterwork during PlayStation and Xbox summer sales in July. 

According to, these summer promos helped GTA 5 top the sales charts again. 

These summer sales helped Rockstar's latest GTA entry top the rankings and Red Dead Redemption 2 place third in the European charts.

The second best-selling game last month was FIFA 23, while Diablo IV was fourth.

Hogwarts Legacy also did well in July. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kindom followed Warner Bros.

 Harry Potter in fifth place. According to Gamesindustry, Pikmin 4 topped the leaderboard at 11th.

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