NBA Legend Reacts to Ja Morant's Exclusion From Team USA

While the Memphis Grizzlies have two players on Team USA in Jaren Jackson Jr.

Santi Aldama, their standout point guard Ja Morant is not one of them.

NBA star Paul Pierce discussed this on a recent edition of Showtime Basketball's KG Certified

"He's not on the USA team," Pierce explained of Morant. 

"He's one of the world's top-10, top-15 players, and he's not on the USA team." 

But I'm eager for him to reestablish himself both on and off the court,

"While it's unclear whether Morant was left off Team USA or chose not to compete, Pierce believes the Grizzlies star needs to change his image. 

People currently talk about everything but basketball when Morant's name comes up, which Pierce would want to change.

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