Mooncake Magic at Yan's Dining

Cultural festivities are always fantastic for eating, drinking, and partying. Most Singaporeans look forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival, when the moon shines brightest and families eat seasonal mooncakes.

Hotels and restaurants create mooncakes with classic and modern flavors, showcasing culinary inventiveness at its peak. If you want something unique, visit Yan's Dining for a variety of mooncakes your family won't forget.

Yan's Dining is proud of its handcrafted Shanghai Savory Meat Mooncake series for Mid-Autumn

From the Qing Dynasty, the sumptuous, delicious dessert has been around for centuries. The series was established last year by Yan's Dining in Singapore and has since become popular with discerning foodies

These plump mooncakes with a crispy baked crust combine tradition and innovation with decadent fillings like Fresh Pork and premium selections like Mala Lobster, Salted Egg Yolk & Pickled Mustard, and Premium Abalone & Crab Meat.

Whatever flavor you pick, anticipate aromatic ingredients and a well baked, crunchy, flaky surface.

In addition, the savory mooncakes have a non-greasy finish, so you may eat more without feeling guilty

In addition to the savory selections, Yan's Dining introduces the Bird's Nest Momoyama Skin Mooncake line, which is rich in flavor, color, and texture.

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