Moon Entering Aries Luckiest Love Signs August 4

We experience it as the Moon moves from Pisces to Aries midway through that passage.

It's Leo season, and everything has a little additional "charge," especially love and passion.

Today's Pisces Moon brings hope, and on August 4, 2023, you'll finally believe "you can do it!"


It's about having the courage to approach the person you like and tell them you're interested and more.

All your neuroses are on pause. Leo season is no time for weakness,


so let those negative tendencies reside elsewhere. Today, August 4, 2023, is the Pisces Moon,

Today, nothing could stop you since it takes you a long time to feel confident, but once you do, you're unstoppable.


You assume your dreams are waiting to be realized during the Pisces Moon. More than hope.

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