Marvel Is Finally Fulfilling An MCU Hero Tease Iron Man 2 was established 13 years ago.

The MCU is notorious for building its characters over time, and Marvel is finally ready to pay off a hero initially hinted at in Iron Man 2.

With Bill Foster's Goliath slated to debut as a superhero in What If...?

eason 2, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally fulfilling a tease from Iron Man 2.

The franchise is exploiting the show's various universes to examine characters who will have little future participation in the MCU.

Laurence Fishburne stated that Foster will play Giant Man, providing much-anticipated insight into what Project Goliath allows him to do.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is continually introducing new heroes and villains for future appearances, and the franchise is finally ready to fulfill a tease from Iron Man 2 in 2010.

There aren't many Easter eggs or references left from MCU Phase 1, but one of the few will eventually be examined on the small screen.

Season 1 of Marvel's What If...? investigated many branches of the MCU timeline, some comparable to the mainline series and some completely distinct.

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