Kevin Costner, South Dakota sculptor, may pay.

Following a ruling in favor of a South Dakota sculptor by the state's Supreme Court,

actor Kevin Costner may be required to compensate her for her work.For a planned Deadwood resort called "The Dunbar,"

in 1994, the movie star hired Rapid City artist Peggy Detmers to produce bronze statues of buffalo,

and Lakota warriors as an homage to Costner's character's last name in the Best Picture-winning,

movie "Dances with Wolves."The Dunbar was supposed to host the sculpture exhibition,

but the resort idea failed. In 2008, Detmers filed a lawsuit against Costner asking the court to order,

the sale of the sculptures and a division of the proceeds. However,

Costner switched from the Dunbar project to a tourism destination named Tatanka,

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