Kelly Reilly on 'Yellowstone' Predicts Rip and Beth's Fate

It's hard to imagine Kelly Reilly was typecast in comedic roles when she plays Beth Dutton on Yellowstone with such scathing wit and unrepentant attitude.

Reilly played Beth Dutton, the sole daughter of Montana rancher John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and wife of Dutton Ranch foreman Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), for five seasons.

The remaining half of Season 5 was supposed to air in November, but production hasn't started.

When production will begin is unknown due to writers and actors' strikes.

Reilly appears in Yellowstone Season 5, Part I Blu-Ray/DVD additional content before the entertainment industry strikes and the revelation that Season 5 would be its final.

She acknowledges she doesn't always agree with creator/writer Taylor Sheridan on Beth's course.

Like first-time viewers, the actor doesn't always know what's next for her character.

Sheridan, who has written practically every episode, doesn't discuss details before scripts are distributed.

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