Keanu Reeves on a Boat in Italy, Shirtless!

On his trip to Italy, Keanu Reeves is having fun in the sun! The 58-year-old John Wick actor,

rested on a boat off the famous island of Capri with his sister Kim Reeves as they shared some quality time.

Keanu could be seen pouring a glass of champagne and conversing,

with his sister in pictures of the siblings. He lounged on the deck and dove into the Mediterranean,

wearing only a pair of khaki swim trunks and a big beard. The Matrix actor later covered up,

and accessorized with a hat and sunglasses once they were back on board.

He had another adventure to cap off the day when he was seen riding a bright yellow Vespa,

while wearing a white button-down and black jeans. This summer, Keanu isn't the only A-list celebrity in the region.

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